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Preposition / Particle

Meaning Sentence(s) Synonym(s) Antonym(s)
ADD UP to make sense

His story does add up, and therefore I believe him.

ADD UP to sum

We would be able to afford it if we added up all our money.

to sum to subtract; to deduct
BACK UP to go in the opposite direction

We missed the turn! We have to back up.

BREAK DOWN to stop functioning (about a machine)

I would give you a lift but my car broke down yesterday.

BREAK IN(TO) to enter somewhere without permission

Somebody broke into our office last weekend and stole some important documents.

to burgle
BREAK OFF to forcefully separate a piece from STH or to be forcefully separated from STH

Would you break off a piece of chocolate and give it to Susan? She's too little to do it herself.

BREAK UP to end a relationship

They broke up after she had found out about his affairs.

to split up
BREAK UP to disintegrate

The crystal glass broke up when it hit the ground.

to disintegrate; to come apart
BRING BACK to fetch

Would you be so kind and bring me back my glasses?

to fetch
BURN UP to damage (or be damaged) by burning

The firefighters were unable to quell the fire and the house was completely burnt up.

CALL OFF to cancel sth

We had to call off our meeting.

CALM DOWN to become less excited and/or angry

If you don't calm down, we'll leave!

to settle down to irritate; to excite
CALM DOWN to become (or cause SB to become) less excited and/or angry

I know it’s difficult but you have to calm down and re-evaluate things.

to cool off to blow up
CARE FOR to attend to sb's needs in a benevolent way

Thank you for caring for me so much!

CARRY OFF to transport away

Would you help me to carry off the boxes from here?

CARRY OUT to lift STH/SB while moving it/her/him out

Your friend is drunk. Please carry him out of the bar.

CATCH UP to reach STH after pursuit

The black horse finally caught up with the race leader.

CHEAT ON to be unfaithful

My boss has been cheating on his wife with his personal assistant for months now.

CHECK OUT to examine

Check out this new game. It's awesome!

to examine; to inspect
CHEER UP to become (or make SB) more jubilant

Stop frowning and cheer up!

CLEAN UP to tidy up (a mess)

Please clean up your room.

to tidy up to mess up; to clutter up
CLEAR UP to become clearer

Fortunately, after the storm the sky cleared up quickly.

COME BACK to return

Please come back to me as soon as possible.

to return; to go back
COME TO to reach

At last this horrible movie came to an end.

to reach
COME UP to ascend

Come up the stairs and join us in the music room.

to ascend
CUT OFF to remove by cutting

You have a strand hanging from your right sleeve. Let me cut it off.

DEAL WITH to handle

I will deal with the issue of your behaviour later.

to handle
DECIDE ON to choose after deliberation

Finally I decided on buying a car not a motorcycle.

FALL BEHIND to fail to stay up to speed

Due to his financial problems he fell behind with the rent.

FIGHT BACK to counterattack

He decided to fight back against the accusations.

to counterattack
FIGURE OUT to calculate

In this assignment you have to figure out the total surface area of this cuboid.

to calculate; to work out
FILL IN to put STH into STH

You have to have the cavity in your tooth filled in.

FIND OUT to discover

She found out about his affair.

GET AWAY to move away

Get away from me!

to move away
GET BACK to return

Thank you for lending me the book. I will get it back to you as soon as possible.

to return
GET DOWN to descend

Get down from there or you'll fall.

to descend
GET IN to enter a small vehicle or a place

Get in the car! We don't have much time.

GET OFF to disembark a large vehicle

We have to get off the train at the next station.

GET ON to board a large vehicle

We have to get on the next train.

GET OUT to leave a building or an event

You can use the backdoor to get out of the building unnoticed.

GET OUT to exit a small vehicle

Please get out of the car now!

GET UP to wake up

Get up! It's already morning.

to wake up to fall asleep
GIVE AWAY to distribute

Please, give away these brochures.

to give out
GIVE BACK to hand in

You should give back his car as soon as possible.

to pay away
GIVE OUT to distribute

Please, give out these brochures.

to give away
GIVE UP to surrender

I will never give up!

give in; cave
GO AWAY to leave

Please stop nagging me and go away!

to leave
GO BACK to return

Go back to the store and buy more fruits.

to return
GO DOWN to descend or decrease

The sun went down at 6:02 p.m. today.

to descend
GO OUT to leave some place

I think that they went out from the building.

GO UP to rise

The real estate prices went up in this area.

to rise; to increase
GROW UP to mature and/or develop

Will you please grow up?!

HANG ON to wait a while

Hang on! Before we go we have to do our chores.

HANG UP to terminate a telephone call

Stop yelling or I'll hang up!

HEAT UP to cause STH to become hotter or more intense

Please, start heating up the meal as soon as you're home.

HOLD ON to wait

Hold on! You haven't eaten the vegetables yet!

HURRY UP to do STH faster

If you don't hurry up we'll be late.

KEEP AWAY to hold distance

I prefer to keep away from him for the time being.

KICK OUT to remove forcefully

They behaved raucously and were kicked out of the lecture.

to throw out; to expel to let in
look for to search

I have been looking for you for two hours.

to seek
LOOK AT to observe

I was looking at the seagulls for a long time.

LOOK FORWARD TO to anticipate with positive mindset

I look forward to our date tonight.

LOOK LIKE to resemble

You look like your mother when she was younger.

LOOK OUT to be aware

While being in the city you have to look out for muggers.

MAKE UP to apply colouring cosmetics

Hurry up! You only have 30 minutes to make up your face.

MOVE IN to start living in a new place

We will move in our new house next year.

MOVE OUT to vacate current place of residence

Will you help me to move out tomorrow?

PAY BACK to exact revenge

One day I will pay you back for what you've done!

PAY BACK to return borrowed money

I will pay you back as soon as I can.

PICK UP to grasp and raise

Could you please pick up my pen?

PRINT OUT to put data from a computer on paper using a printer

Please print out those brochures as soon as possible.

PUT AWAY to place STH elsewhere

This is the dining room. Please put the toys away.

PUT BACK to return STH to its previous place

Please put the exhibit back!

PUT BACK to delay

They have not arrived yet. We have to put back the meeting by an hour.

to put off

Put the gun down or we'll shoot!

to lay down to put up
PUT ON to dress

Please put on your jacket. It's cold outside.

RUN AWAY to flee

I run away from there as soon as I could.

SAVE UP to accumulate money for a period of time

They were saving up for years to go for that trip to Asia.

to squander
SHOOT DOWN to cause to fall by shooting

The plane was shot down during the strike.

to bring down
SLOW DOWN to move slower

Please slow down! I don't like fast driving.

to decelerate to speed up; to accelerate
SPEED UP to move faster

Please don't speed up. We have to be careful.

to accelerate to slow down; to decelerate
STAND BACK to withdraw to a certain distance

You cannot come so close to the stage. Please stand back.

STAND UP to raise to a standing position

When the professor enters the room please stand up.

STAY AWAY to keep distance from SB/STH

I want you to stay away from me!

STOP BY to pay a brief visit

Yesterday, a lot of customers stopped by our shop on their way to the concert.

SUM UP to obtain a total by adding

Please sum up all the elements from that column to get the final figure.

to add up to subtract
TAKE BACK to return STH to SB

I don't like this product. Tomorrow I'll take it back to the shop.

TAKE OFF to remove

In Japan it's customary to take off your shoes before entering a house.

THROW AWAY to dispose of STH

Please throw away the trash.

to discard; to throw out
THROW OUT to discard

It's rubbish - throw it out!

to throw away
TRY ON to test the look and/or fit of a piece of clothing

Don't buy anything before trying it on.

TRY OUT to test STH

I would like to try it out before buying.

TURN BACK to reverse direction

From this point on there is no turning back.

TURN DOWN to reduce the quantity of STH

Please turn down the volume. It's too loud.

to turn up
TURN OFF to switch off

Please turn off the TV. I want to go to sleep.

TURN ON to switch on

Please turn on the heating.

to switch on
WAIT FOR to allow time to pass until some event occurs

What took you so long? I was waiting for you for hours!

WAKE UP to become awakened

I had to wake up before sunrise yesterday.

WASH UP to clean the dishes

I'll make the supper but you'll have to wash up.

to do the dishes
WATCH OUT to exercise caution

Watch out for jellyfish in the bay.

to mind
WRITE DOWN to write sth

Write your notes down!

to write up
ADD UP to give in total

His last year’s stock exchange gains added up to a hefty sum.

to amount to
ANSWER BACK to talk to sb in a bad manner

Answering back is not a good way of communicating with your parents

to talk back
ANSWER FOR to be responsible for sth

You work under huge pressure because you answer for the whole team.

to be responsible
ASK OUT to invite SB for a date

I asked her out and she said yes!

BACK OFF to stop being involved in STH

He wanted to help but he was told to back off.

to back down
BACK UP to make an additional copy (or copies) of some data to safeguard it

Remember to always back up the crucial data using the cloud services.

BACK UP to support

I entirely back up her testimony.

to support
BEAT UP to assault violently by hitting repeatedly

He was beaten up by a group of thugs.

BEND DOWN to lean one's body forward

He bent down and put the box on the floor.

to bend over
BLOW UP to damage and/or destroy STH by means of explosion

The desolated hotel building was blown up last month due to safety reasons.

BLOW UP to suddenly become very angry

When she was told what he’d done she blew up.

to burst out
BLOW UP to fill with air

We need to blow up a hundred balloons for Pete's birthday party.

to inflate
BLOW UP to explode

The mine blew up and severely damaged the tank.

to explode; to go off
BREAK AWAY to separate (oneself or itself) or become separated

One of our founding partners decided to break away from the company.

BREAK IN to interrupt

He impudently broke in and presented his point of view.

to interrupt
BRIGHTEN UP to become (or make SB) more cheerful

Would chocolate cake brighten you up a little?

BRING UP to raise (about a child or children)

I had no parents. I was brought up by my grandmother.

BRING UP to mention

She brought up the issue of the unpaid loan during our last meeting.

to mention
BURN DOWN to completely destroy with fire

The house burnt down. Nothing was left but the ashes.

CALL OFF to cancel

I would like to call off my appointment. I would not be able to make it on time.

to cancel; to cry off
CARE FOR to like

I really, really care for chocolate.

to like; to be fond of to dislike
CARE FOR to attend to SB's/STH's needs

The nurses in this hospital care for the patients exemplarily.

CARRY ON to continue

Don’t give up now. You have to carry on.

to keep on to stop; to terminate
CARRY OUT to execute

The investigation is carried out by the local police department.

to execute; to perform
CARRY OUT to fulfil

After years of struggle, I was finally able to carry out my dream of becoming a professional dancer.

to fulfill
CATCH UP to bring up-to-date

I was absent for three weeks. I have a lot to catch up.

CHECK IN to register formally (e.g. a stay, a flight)

To get a key for your room at a hotel you have to check in first.

to check out
CHECK OFF to mark an item or items on a list

Check off all the tasks that have already been done.

(BrE) to tick off
CHECK OUT to deregister formally (a stay, a flight)

Before leaving the hotel don't forget to check out.

to check in
CHICKEN OUT to avoid a daunting task because of fear

He was thinking about running a marathon but then he chickened out.

CHIP IN to make a partial contribution to a larger whole

We all chipped in for a present for Mark.

COME ACROSS to encounter unexpectedly

In the mountains it is not uncommon to come across a pack of wolves.

COME DOWN WITH to get (an illness)

I wasn’t present because I went down with a flu.

COME UP to appear

If anything new comes up, please give me a call.

to appear
COUNT ON to rely on

We are all counting on you. Don't let us down.

to rely on; to depend on
CROSS OUT to delete STH by drawing a line through it

The result is incorrect. Cross it out.

to strike out
CUT DOWN to limit

I am planning to cut down on carbs as a part of my new healthier lifestyle.

to limit
CUT OFF to isolate

She decided to cut him off her life.

CUT OFF to bring to an untimely end

My phone call to my mother was cut off.

DEAL WITH to handle

No problem, I can deal with this task.

to cope with STH
DEPEND ON to rely on STH

I am going to work as a waitress. I don't want to depend on your money anymore.

to rely on; to count on
DEPEND ON to be determined by STH

My trip to Japan next year depends on the height of my yearly bonus.

DROP BY to visit without an appointment

Thanks for dropping by.

to drop in
DROP IN to visit without an appointment

Mark dropped in yesterday for a quick chat.

to drop by
ENTER INTO to formally or informally engage in STH

The board decided to enter into the merger transaction.

FALL APART to break into pieces

After the crash the car fell apart.

to disintegrate; to come apart;
FIGHT BACK to repress

I am on a diet. I have to fight back the cravings.

to repress
FIGURE OUT to come to understand

I have finally figured out how to solve this problem.

FILL IN to complete a form with requested information

Please fill in this questionnaire with your personal data.

to fill out
FILL OUT to complete a form with requested information

If you want to apply for membership, please fill out the form.

to fill in
FOLLOW UP to take actions connected with some previous actions

After the meeting, follow up with updating the draft documentation.

GET ALONG to coexist amicably

We get along just fine.

GET AWAY to escape

The police did what it could but the suspect got away.

to escape
GET IN to obtain a place at a selective institution

You won't believe it! I applied to Harvard and got in!

GET OFF to move (STH or oneself) from an elevated position

Could you please get your feet off the table!

GET RID OF to discard

You will not get rid of me that easily.

to discard
GET THROUGH to successfully go from the beginning to the end

I now this course is hard but you have to get through it.

GIVE IN to surrender

If I were you, I would not give in.

to give up
GIVE UP to stop doing STH

I gave up smoking many years ago.

to lay off
GO AHEAD to proceed after consent

Dad, can I borrow your car? Sure, go ahead!

GO BY to pass (about time)

Not a day goes by that i don't think of him.

GO ON to proceed

In spite of all the odds she went on to win the election.

GO ON to continue

Ignoring all the resistance I decided to go on.

to continue
GO ON to happen

There is always something going on.

GO OUT to temporarily leave one's current place of residence

Mike's not at home. He went out with his friends.

GO OUT to date SB

I didn't know you were going out with Mark.

to date
GO OUT to become extinguished or switched off

There was a blackout and all the lights on our street went out.

GO THROUGH to progress from the beginning of STH to the end

I went through my homework in less than two hours.

GO TOGETHER to correspond and/or fit well

The new computer system doesn't really go together with our old personnel management software.

to go with; to match
GO WITH to match

Are you sure that the green scarf goes with the white jacket?

to go together; to match
GO WITH to coexist

Heavy rains in this area almost always go with flooding.

to coexist
HAND OUT to distribute

Please hand out the schedule to everyone.

to distribute; to pass out to collect; to gather
HANG OUT to spend time (with SB)

Would you like to hang out tonight with me, Jaime and Cersei ?

HEAR FROM to receive a piece of communication

I haven't heard from Jake for years.

JOIN IN to take part in STH

I don't feel like joining in the party today.

to participate
KEEP UP to continue

Keep up the good work!

KEEP UP WITH to manage to stay up to speed with STH

Don't run so fast! I am unable to keep up with you.

KNOCK DOWN to hit STH and cause it to fall

Accidentally I knocked the book down.

to knock over
LAY OFF to dismiss SB from employment (due to employer's difficult conditions)

He was not sacked. He was laid off!

to hire SB
LET DOWN to disappoint and fail SB

I will never let you down. I promise.

LET OUT to release

We were let out earlier today from work.

LOG IN to confirm credentials while entering a secured part of a website

To use all the features you have to create an account and log in.

to sign in to log out; to log off; to sign out
LOG OFF to withdraw credentials at a secured part of a website

Don't forget to log off after using a public computer.

to log out; to sign out to log in; to sign in
LOG OUT to withdraw credentials at a secured part of a website

I logged out from the service.

to log off; to sign out to log in; to sign in
LOOK AFTER to tend to SB

Please look after my son while I'm gone.

to care
LOOK LIKE to seem

Well, it looks like we're the only ones left in the office.

to appear
LOOK UP to obtain information through searching

I didn't know how to get there but I looked it up.

MAKE OUT to kiss passionately

Have you heard that Joey made out with Anne?

MAKE UP to compensate

I will make it up to you. I promise.

MAKE UP to concoct

My grandpa was great at making up bedtime stories for us.

MOVE IN to transport one's possessions to a new place

Next Saturday I am helping him to move in his new apartment.

NAIL DOWN to fasten sth with nail(s)

Nail the board down every 3 inches.

PASS AWAY to die

My aunt passed away last year.

PASS OUT to become unconscious

It was too much for him and he passed out.

to faint
PICK UP to resume

Could we please pick up where we finished the last time?

PICK UP to collect STH/SB

Could you please pick me up at 4 p.m.?

PULL OFF to take off (especially an item of clothing)

Pull off your socks before going to bed.

to take off to dress; to pull on
PULL OVER to stop at a roadside

We have a flat tyre. We have to pull over.

PUT DOWN to euthanize an animal

It was extremely difficult for us but we had to put down our beloved dog.

PUT OFF to delay

I was putting off doing homework for as long as I could.

to put back
RING UP to telephone

Please ring me up tomorrow morning.

SET BACK to obstruct and/or delay

The malfunction set back the project by a month.

SET OFF to start an expedition/trip/activity

Tomorrow we set off for our holiday.

to set out
SET OFF to cause

His actions set off an avalanche of events that couldn't have been stopped.

SET OUT to start an expedition/trip/activity

After months of preparation they set out to conquer the unknown.

to set off
SET UP to arrange for STH

We set up a meeting with the prospective investors.


At last the storm settled down and we were able to set sail.

SETTLE DOWN to start an organised lifestyle in a new place/life stage

After years of travelling they decided to settle down in London.

SHOW OFF to brag by showing one's attributes

She is always showing off!

SHOW UP to appear

We thought he wouldn't come but he showed up.

SIGN IN to confirm credentials while entering a secured part of a website

You have to sign in using your login and password to see the confidential data.

to log in to log out
SIGN IN to confirm participation/entering by signing

While entering that building you have to sign in.

SIGN OUT to exclude from a participation list

I decided to sign out from all social networks.

SIGN OUT to withdraw credentials at a secured part of a website

After using a computer at a library don't forget to sign out.

to log out to log in
SIGN UP to include into a participation list

Please sign me up for the tournament.

SORT OUT to solve a problem

There are some inconsistencies in the report. Could you please sort them out?

to fix; to mend
SORT OUT to organise by separating into groups

Please sort out that data into separate spreadsheet columns.

SPEAK UP to talk more loudly and clearly

We can't hear you. Please speak up!

SPEED UP to increase speed

Please don't speed up anymore. We are going fast enough.

to accelerate to slow down; to decelerate
STAND BY to remain loyal and/or supportive

I will stand by you. Always.

to support
STAND BY to wait in expectation

The firefighters were standing by for more orders.

STAND FOR to represent

The abbreviation 'WHO' stands for 'World Health Organization'.

to symbolize; to represent
STAND UP to not attend a prearranged meeting

I can't believe you stood me up! I was waiting for you for two hours!

START OVER to begin again

The essay was not good enough and I decided to start over.

STRIKE BACK to retaliate

The Empire struck back with all its force.

SUM UP to summarise

OK, let's sum up the findings of our meeting.

SWITCH OFF to stop a device

Before going to sleep remember about switching off the TV.

turn off switch on; turn on
SWITCH ON to start a device

Please switch on the computer.

to turn on to switch off; to turn off
TAKE AWAY to remove STH from SB's possession

Take those snacks away from me please.

TAKE BACK to retract STH

I will not take back my words! I stand by them!

TAKE OFF to leave ground and begin flying

The airplane took off with difficulties.

TEAR UP to split into pieces

Tear up those documents as soon as possible!

to tear apart to put together
TURN AROUND to rotate horizontally

Turn around and watch the beautiful view.

TURN ON to excite

This music is really turning me on.

TURN OUT to become known

It turned out it wasn't my fault after all.

TURN UP to increase the output power of STH

Turn up the heating! I am freezing here!

turn down
WAIT ON to serve food as a waiter

During my twienties I was waiting on tables in Paris.

WORK OUT to solve a problem

I haven't worked it out yet!

WORK OUT to exercise

Look at you! Have you been working out?

to train
WRAP UP to pack sth

Let's wrap this present up in red paper.

WRAP UP to finilise STH

I hope to wrap up the meeting before evening.

AIM AT / FOR to try to accomplish sth

My all thoughts aim at passing my driving exam.

to pursue; to aspire
ANSWER FOR to vouch for sb

I answer for my niece, she is extremely hardworking person.

to vouch for sb; to go bail for sb
BACK AT to take revenge on

One day I will get back at you. I promise.

to take revenge on; to retaliate against
BLEND IN(TO) to become indistinguishable from STH through becoming a part of it

We have to try to blend into the crowd. This is the only way for us to escape.

BREAK DOWN to decompose

It will take centuries before the plastic waste is decomposed.

BREAK DOWN to separate into parts to simplify STH

We need to break down the yearly data into monthly periods. It would allow us to see things clearer.

BREAK IN to make STH more suitable through using it

I hope I will be able to break in my shoes. Currently they are chafing my ankles.

BREAK OFF to end abruptly

Due to a misunderstanding the negotiations broke off.

BREAK UP to disperse (about a group of people)

After three hours of deliberation we decided to break up the meeting and reconvene tomorrow.

BREAK UP to be inaudible due to technical problems (during a phone conversation)

I can't understand you. You're breaking up. I’ll call you on your other cell phone.

BRING BACK to revive

As an outcome of the referendum, it was decided to bring back the death penalty.

to revive; to restore
BURN UP to annoy

His raucous behaviour burns me up!

CARRY OFF to succeed

Congratulations! You have carried off the task admirably.

to succeed; to accomplish to fail
CATCH UP to entangle

I got caught up in the branches and was unable to set free.

to entangle
CHECK IN to contact SB for information

Before moving forward with the task please check in with me first.

CHECK OUT to confirm one another

I have investigated both of them. Their stories check out.

CLEAR UP to go away

All the symptoms of the illness cleared up after the new medicine.

to go away; to vanish; to disappear
COME ABOUT to occur

Do you know how this misunderstanding came about?

to occur; to happen
COME ACROSS to project an impression

She comes across as a hardworking, competent person.

COME BACK to retort

He came back at him with a snide comment.

to retort
COME UP to approach

We're slowly coming up to the end of our journey.

to approach
CUT DOWN to kill

The king's infantry forces were cut down by the rebels.

to kill; to slay
DO OVER (AmE) to redo STH not done correctly

Do your homework over. There are a lot of mistakes.

DRAW UP to compose a document

I have to draw up the business plan for tomorrow's meeting.

END UP to have final outcome/phase

After the party we ended up in my parents’ house.

FALL FOR to be fooled

I was cautious but I still fell for his trick.

FALL FOR to fall in love with SB

That summer I really fell for you.

FILL IN to inform

Please fill me in about the results of the yesterday’s meeting.

to inform
FILL IN FOR to substitute

Would you please fill in for me next Tuesday?

to substitute
GET DOWN to record in writing

Are you making notes? You should really get it down.

to write down
GET OFF to stop using some actively used piece of equipment (like a phone or a computer)

Could you please get off the computer? I would like play some games.

GET ON to mount (a horse or another animal)

He got on the horse and rode towards the river.

to mount
GET ON WITH to begin and/or continue

Stop horsing around and get on with your work.

GET OUT to become available to the public

I think that the product is ready and we should get it out now.

GET OVER to overcome

I finally got over my fear of spiders.

to overcome

Let's get together tomorrow.

to meet
GIVE OFF to smell

Roses give off such a beautiful smell.

to smell off
GO AWAY to travel

This year I am going away for my dream vacation.

to travel
GO BACK to know SB from past

Me and him go back a long way.

GO BY to be called (some name)

My real name is Edward but I go by Ed.

GO BY to follow (some advice, motto)

Go by what I told you and everything should turn out ok.

GO BY to get past SB/STH without stopping

He went by me without even noticing me.

to pass by
GO DOWN to be recorded and/or remembered

This day will go down as one of the most important in the history of this town.

GO OFF to putrefy

The fish's gone off. We have to throw it out now.

to putrefy; to spoil; to rot
GO OFF to become extinguished or switched off

The lights went off and we treaded in the absolute darkness.

to go out
GO OFF to explode

The bomb went off with a terrible bang.

to explode
GO WITH to choose

I decided to go with the second option.

to choose
GO WITHOUT to lack

We’ll have to go without partying during the end-of-term examinations.

to lack
GROW ON to become more appealing to SB

At first I didn’t like steaks, but after a while they grew on me.

HAND IN to give formally

He handed in his resignation yesterday.

I forgot to hand in my American history essay.

to turn in; to submit
HAND OVER to give away control and/or possession

Please hand over your passports.

to relinquish
HANG ON TO to hold

Hang on to the railing while going down the steps!

to hang onto; to hold
HANG ON TO to pay attention

Back in my days we hanged on to everything a teacher said.

HAVE TO DO WITH to be connected

I don't want to have anything to do with them.

HEAD FOR to go to someplace

We were in Cambridge but now we are heading to London.

make for
HIT IT OFF to establish an amicable relationship

I really hit it off with her. At last I have a good friend.

HOLD ON to store

Please hold on to my belongings while I go to the toilet.

KEEP ON to persist doing STH

You still keep on annoying me.

LEAVE OUT to omit

I left out much of the unnecessary data for this presentation.

to omit; to bypass; to leave aside
LET UP to stop

After all you've done you still don't want to let up.

to cease
PASS BY to get past SB/STH without stopping

He pretended he didn't see me and passed by me.

PICK UP to increase

The stock prices are picking up again.

PULL OFF to succeed

If we work hard before the exam I think we can pull it off!

to achieve; to succeed to fail
PUT AWAY to send SB to a closed facility

Don't do this! They may put you away for years for doing this!

PUT DOWN to stop STH

His eagerness was put down by the course of events.

PUT OFF to cause to dislike

This scent is putting me off!

PUT ON to start playing a recording

She put on her favourite CD and took a bath.

RESORT TO to use STH as a last recourse

Whatever you do don't resort to violence.

RESULT IN to have a conclusion of

This constant nagging will result in him leaving you.

RUN DOWN to hit with a car

I was almost run down by a speeding car yesterday.

to run over
RUN INTO to encounter unexpectedly

I run into my friend from college yesterday.

RUN INTO to collide

I didn't pay attention and run into a tree.

SET OFF to compensate

His stock exchange losses were set off by the gains in the real estate market.

to offset
SET OUT to present details

The wording of the agreement sets out all the terms and conditions of our mutual cooperation.

SHOOT DOWN to attack and reject SB's efforts

All my ideas were shot down by the committee.

STAY IN to remain in home

Instead of going to a party I decided to stay in tonight.

STAY OUT OF to keep far from STH

Stay out of my way and this town.

STAY UP to remain awake

You can stay up until 10 p.m. tonight and watch the match.

TAKE ABACK to be surprised

Everyone was taken aback by the course of events.

to be startled
TAKE AFTER to have characteristics of an ancestor

Unfortunately, regarding baldness I take after my father.

to resemble
TAKE AWAY to cause SB to leave a place and go somewhere else

The police took them away the following day.

TAKE OFF to leave work temporarily

I am planning to take tomorrow off and have some rest.

THROW AWAY to squander

Please don't throw away thirty years of our marriage.

TURN DOWN to decline

I turned down his offer of buying my company.

to refuse to accept
TURN OFF to repel

This music turns me off.

to repulse;
TURN OFF to exit a road

We have to turn off at the next exit.

TURN ON to move against SB

After years of friendship he turned on him.

TURN OUT to result

Our mutual enterprise turned out to be a disaster.

to end up; to result
TURN TO to request STH from SB

I decided to turn to my colleagues for assistance.

TURN UP to appear unexpectedly

He turned up in the morning.

WASH UP to carry STH to land from water

The ship's remains washed up on the beach the following day.

WRITE UP to record sth in a neat form

Could you please write up the results of our meeting?

BREAK IN to tame

How long usually does it take to break in a horse?

to tame
CLEAN UP to make a large profit

Mark cleaned up yesterday at the poker table.

JACK IN (BRE, inf.) to abandon sth

I've had enough. Tomorrow I will jack in my job.

LAY OFF to stop doing STH

Please lay off smoking at last.

to quit; to cease to start; to commence
NAIL DOWN to make sth definite

One more point and we'll nail down the outcome of this match.

STAY OUT to spend time outside of home

I plan to stay out this weekend.